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Our Services

Lightening our tenant's load.

Maintenance, Furnishing, Utilities & Cleaning

Every building has engineers and inventory staff to service every apartment's repair needs.

Service Center

Our English-speaking customer service team is readily available to respond to tenant's needs via email, Line and phone.

Security & Residence

24/7 security personnel and a cleaning team to ensure that the residence and our tenants are properly taken care of.

Immigration Assistance

International tenants who need to submit their TM30 or require support can refer to our staff for further assistance.

Our Expertise

As one of the first established serviced apartments in the Thong Lor district, our experience provides the best care for our tenants.

Tenant Care
  • On-site maintenance engineers

  • Fast response rate from our customer service and residence staff

  • Utilities Team for WiFi service, water, gas and electricity.

  • Inventory team to ensure proper furniture and appliances are in order.

  • Renovation and Interiors Team 

  • Residence Caretakers and Cleaners

Online Service
  • Maintenance requests

  • Submission of documents to our staff

  • A customer service center on the online chat platform 

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